Fade Resistant Gazebo 4.5 x 3m 2 LS F-Walls

R14'624,99 ex vat

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Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 R14'624,99
2 - 19 R22'499,98
20 - 49 R18'562,48
50 - 99 R16'312,49
100 - 499 R14'624,99
500 - 999 1.54 % R14'399,99
1,000+ 3.85 % R14'062,49

This gazebo has a slightly bigger footprint, accomodating for extra retail or display space. Perfectly fits 2 trestle tables under roof and big enough to fit 1 vehicle. That extra space might come in handy depending on the activation, product launch or event at hand.

weight: 22.02kg

hardware: 1 x frame: aluminium, assembled size: 4.5 x 3m, quick assembly, portable

slip over bag included: polyester oxford, size: 158 x 29 x 31cm, webbing handles (also sold individually as disbag-2010) • collapsible gazebo fits easily into carry bag

toolkit included: 1 x mallet: rubber & wood, 4 x ropes: nylon, 4 x frame pegs: steel, 4 x rope pegs: steel (also sold individually as toolkit-2010)

fabric: polyester print-guard fabric, water-resistant

pre-punched feet to easily secure gazebo with ground pegs

aluminium hexagonal leg profile for superior strength

2 x long full wall visual size: 4.5 x 1.9m 

Our Fade-Resistant Displays are printed with state-of-the-art Latex Gen-4 inks, boasting the widest
colour gamut on the market. This allows us to print the widest range of colours within the colour spectrum and produce
the most vibrant and vivid print results. The inks have a low environmental impact, are UV stable and scratch resistant, providing great durability for long-term outdoor exposure. Premium polyester fabric with a unique print-guard coating is used for all of our Fade-Resistant Displays.

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